Spanish website launched!

spanish-versionA while ago I had this website translated to Spanish! I think many people would like to get the information on this website also in another language than English. After much consideration I choose the Spanish language, as I want to learn this language at some point and because many people all over the world speak Spanish.

So, if you are looking for insect information in Spanish, check out:

Official opening of this website!

As of now, the 2th of April 2011, this website is officially opened! It took me a while to place all texts and pictures on this websites, but now I think it is good enough to show to the public. This doesn’t mean I won’t continue to add new pictures and new species descriptions as soon as I have them! I will use this first page as a small blog to show you what I am up to with my insects or to tell you about new additions to this website.

If you want to, you can leave a comment at the bottom of this post!

Welcome to

Welcome to this website about how to take care of all kinds of insects as pets. From my own experience I write about taking care of praying mantids, stick insects, beetles, butterflies and cockroaches. With many macropictures of the animals and their food or enclosures I try to give you an insight in the beautiful hobby of keeping pet insects.

Creobroter pictipennis mantis

Leaf Insect